Thursday, March 25, 2010

LSD....Love Sex Aur Dhokha Darling!

Despite reading numerous facebook status messages ostracising L S D , labelling it as dark, senseless, and an absolute crap in the name of cinema......I decided to be bold and actually go and experience crap myself. But i was in for a surprise,because not only was the movie NOT crappy, it was an entirely different cinematic experience. It also got me introspecting on the parochial though process of the Indian audience, its almost as if the age old notion of movies and cinema is sacrosanct, any deviation is is an anathema.
The most appealing aspect of love sex aur dhokha is the different cameras being used to shoot the film, which are not high end but the basic handycam and spycam. Makes u realise that to make a movie all u need is an idea and creative intelligence mediums are plenty and need not be exorbitantly expensive. The movie deals with honour killing, sting operations and MMS scandles, woven into three short stories interlinked with brilliant editing. The characters are extremly real and the storyine as stark as it can get. Kudos to Dibakar Banerjee for attempting something so different and making a success out of it yet again.
Critics of the movie call it dark and random, but i feel they completely failed to see the beauty of the randomness. Cinema is suppose to be made for entertainment, but then why should the concept of entertainment remain cliche? Only if people treated cinema as a form of expression and watched it for its novelty rather than trying to realise their dreams of a utopian world through it, they would be able to give due credit and respect to movies like LSD which are an attempt at taking the art of film making to the next level.


  1. hmmm! this makes me want to see it! "Cinema is suppose to be made for entertainment, but then why should the concept of entertainment remain cliche?" - very well put!

    to say cinema is for entertainment, and to define "entertainment" in typical crass Bollywood style is severely limiting.

    cinema is yet another artform, and can touch at various levels. movies say something about the audiences they attract.

  2. well to me cinema is a form of art... it can be described as an amalgamation of paintings that speak..... it is the art of story telling, and some stories are well told some are not... the manner in which it has been told should not be judged... a story tht is told well makes a good film, equipments,techniques etc dnt matter much.