Saturday, June 28, 2014

Life After Death....

Could there be life after death?
And what life would it be?

Would it be controlled as we live it?
Or would it be carefree?

Would love actually matter then?
Or would it be the same like now; as n when?

Would peace at last find it's relevance?
Or would we still humiliate it's essence?

Would humanity be true to it's nature?
Or would it still be the hypocritical lie
Of hollow stature?

Would compassion remain to be the virtue of a few?
Or would it be the core of our being?

Would religion continue to be the ruler?
Or would emotions be the guide to actions and feelings?

Would vices still be judged?
Or would morality stop reigning?

Would happiness confirm it's place  within?
Or would the materialistic mask continue feigning?

Would death still be the supreme fear?
Or would life finally find it's meaning?

Could there be life after death?
Pray not like the one we are living....