Thursday, March 25, 2010


The Question,
Intensity and passion,
longing and lust,
a pandora of emotions,
Is This Love?

Poets say its magical,
cynics call it need,
lovers swear by its purity,
saints describe it as a self less deed.

Love is blind they say,
a curtain covers your eyes
but why is it that the curtain,
the moment one is man and wife,
fondness is replaced by irritation ,
and thus begins the blaming game,
everything is your fault,
nothing just remains the same.

Is This Love?

Poets say its intoxicating,
cynics call it manipulating,
lovers find it worth dying for,
saints call it an emotion,
even the god's are vying for.

Love is like a beautiful dream,
thy say,
a dream that never breaks,
then why is it with every passing time,
it becomes a nightmare,
from which you want to wake.
your pulse still races,
but not with anticipation,
it is with frustration,
that sets in when,
one is faced with deception.

Is This Love?

Poets keep it next to god,
cynics find it suffocating,
lovers say its an addiction,
saints find it liberating.

The Answer,

An emotion that creates bonding,
A feeling that touches lives,
the basis of every relationship,
with the power to heal,
and put to life,
an essence present in everyone,
be it man or beast,
an absence felt hauntingly,
but its presence felt the least,
a pandora of emotions,
righty said,
but its these emotions you see,
which together make an antidote,
to put an end to the world's miseries.
This Is Love.


  1. awwwesome MYu :) .. loved it! so simple yet so complicated, if only we had answers to all these questions... life would be so boring! btw... dunno who is Mihika? referring from the other post... she reminds me a lot of you, i mean, i could imagine you doing every bit of that, and the chest-thump wala funda also figures! ;)

  2. thank u vas:) mihika is totally fictitious:)

  3. wow! a very mature study of that perplexing emotion. it involves lust, selfishness and self deception, and yet, it is pure, whose "absence is felt hauntingly" and has the power to "put an end to the worlds miseries".