Thursday, March 25, 2010


They Say,

Look at him how his armour shines,
vlour and courage is what he defines,
look at his walk,
so full of grace,
the glow of victory ,
on his face,
look at the strength,
that he displays,
the instrument of success,
that he plays,
look at the smile,
that plays on his lips,
The expensive wine ,
he elegantly sips,
Look at the beauties,
flocking him,
the jealousy in the eyes,
of the men stalking him.

And Now,

Look at you ,
so frail and weak,
in contrast to valour,
so timid and meak,
Look at you,
with your sloppy gait,
shuffling stride ,
and an ugly face,
failures follow you like a stream,
Look at you living in your,
world of dreams,
No one wants to listen,
to you talking,
Look at you,
subjected to constant mocking,
So oblivious of the world around,
Living life at your whim,
would do you a lot of good,
if you try to be more like him.

I Say,

valour is not only for soilders,
strength is not just physical display,
The sloppy gait ,
could be of an artist,
in whos mind colours play,
To be popular is an onus,
not being one should not be a crime,
If winning a battle is a display of talent,
so is having a sense to rhyme,
Its not my stride,my face,my gait,
that breeds in love for him,
and for me hate,
its the comparisons that you make,
which make me worthless and,
glorify him as great.
You would start respecting me,
and understanding my so called whim,
the day you stop comparing ,
me with him.

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