Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rakht Charita : Gave Me A Headache

What happens when a film maker believes himself to be Goliath and treats the art of film making as David? He becomes Ram Gopal Verma. Forgetting that in the end the Goliath falls. This Goliath of bollywood shall soon meet the same end if he does not realise in time. Ram Gopal Verma's regression from an intelligent craftsman to a pompous,self absorbed fool is a classic example of how, the day a creative genius starts thinking of himself as 'CREATIVITY' he ceases to be creative. It is sad to see the the man who gave us brilliant movies like Satya, Rangeela, Kaun, Bhoot, Raat and Company loose his sanity due to his egocentricity and conceitedness.Despite hearing bad reviews from every quarter, I decided to watch Rakht Charitra because it was directed by Ram Gopal Verma, and somewhere I had not given up on the man's craft yet. But to say that this one time' Ramu' fan was thoroughly disappointed would be an understatement.If I were to describe his latest much hyped release in one word it would be 'Painful'. Painful because not only does it pain to see RGV deliver such crap, but also because you would literally suffer from pain as well : I actually had developed a migraine by the time the movie ended.

The story in a nut shell is about Revenge. In the entire movie every character is seeking some revenge or the other and their vengeance is bloody and filled with gore. If we were to tag line it a la Karan Johar style then my tag line for Rakht Charitra would be "It's All About Killing Your Enemy". I think post Sarkar RGV has stopped thinking. Ironically his latest seemed like a rip off from his previous (Sarkar) but a deplorable version. The background score was pseudo and totally unnecessary at times, it was almost as if the 'govinda govinda' chant from Sarkar was replaced by chamunda jap and the word Rakht Charitra repeated in different tones. Who says that a background score is needed in every scene to make it impactful? I have seen a lot of moves with minimal background score leaving a greater impact. The movie also has a voice narrative, and the voice that is narrating the story makes you want to go inside the screen and gag him to shut him up.It is raucous ,acrid and highly annoying. Guess Amitabh Bachchan refused to lend his voice ( I'm sure being the smart man that he is,he knew what he was getting into) and they just about picked up anyone and that anyone has done a terrible job.

Now, we progress to analysing the acting, I would  have one word for it "Over The Top". Every one is extremely animated and there are so many characters that it tends to confuse the audience. For your and my benefit, I would not even make the mistake of describing every character's performance. Though Shatrughan Sinha deserves a special mention : He plays the character of Shivaji, an onscreen portrayal of N.T.R, and despite all his efforts to bring out an outstanding performance, fails miserably. His accent is part bihari,part telegu and at times even Goan and the famous' hand gesticulation' remains albeit in a different form. To sum it up 'Shatru Ji' had me laughing for all the wrong reasons. Vivek Oberoi seems to be trying too hard and bears a constant frown throughout the movie. I guess that is his way of showing anger,worry,disgust,contempt and a myriad of other emotions. If he expects to match up to talents like Ranbir Kapoor , Hritik Roshan et all then he better pull up his socks before he falls into an abyss of oblivion. The only actor to have delivered a performance worth reckoning with is Abhimanyu Singh, controlled and restrained he has played the character of a mildly psychotic Bukha Singh with honesty and conviction. Cinematography is cliche with the camera angles being a typical RGV post Sarkar and the direction reeks of ingenuity.If you want to watch a bad version of Sarkar with bad acting... go watch Rakht Charitra.

It is sad that I have had nothing good to write about a Ram Gopal Verma film,but that unfortunately is the truth. A movie to avoid like plague and if you still would not believe what you have read and would like to give it a shot (being a once upon a time ramu fan like me) please carry a strip of disprin along with you. Mark my words, you will need it.
P.S : The audacity of the man appalled me when the movie ends with the announcement of a Part 2 to be released in November. Ram Gopal Verma has begun his journey on the highway to hell for' film makers'...... may his soul rest in peace!


  1. Don't know about Ramu or his fate, but loved your sarci style of writing.. It bites :)

  2. thank you boss:) coming from a senior guy at OnM IT COUNTS:)

  3. hahahahaha... the journey to hell has begun hahha lvoe that punchline at the end...

    i guess, one of two things is possible.. and I say without watching any of his crap movies to date (going back to the sholay remake that started the crap movie trend)...he is trying his hand at alternative cinema but marketing it as mainstream... I think if he tried straight to DVD release, it might work for him.

    OR.... he is making movies ahead of his time, which we may look back upon and go, maybe there was some sanity in the insanity...

    Would like to know what is going on in his head, why the turmoil and dis-illusion. Is he trying or hoping to be a BHANSALI..hoping he will be critically acclaimed as artistic visionary without the artistic bit. hehe
    I mean, sure he must learn, or has lost the plot all toggether, is there frustration to prove himself, that he has completely lost the plot and refuses to ask for or take help.

    Its not easy being a RGV or a Bhansali in this day and age...

    anyway, thats my two cents worth...heheh..
    tera sarc accha hai, when I read it, I imagine you with a smile on your face, laughing, being funny, but still making a strong argument.... I always read it with a smile, it sounds funny to me (in a good way), but very valid.
    IN the words of M Ali " fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee" hehehe.

  4. as for RGV I still think he is a very intelligent film maker more than bhansali... because bhansali is more of an artist , I would call him a painter who can make his paintings move and talk.... so for those who have a love for the arts bhansali is god... but RGV was always an intelligent film maker.. his problem is tha the has grown too big for his boots... he thinks whatever he males will be cult and that is what is bringing about his downfall. Only if by some divine intervention he gets some humiliy and modesty he would be spectacular again..but this is just my opinion:)